Wearing Narrative

As one who doesn’t typically pay a great deal of attention to the act of dressing, I have an ambiguous relationship with clothing. In fact, I often catch myself contemplating the necessity of clothing in negative terms, partly because over the years I have become increasingly aware of the class distinctions and identity communicating elements inherent in clothing choices. My mindset has been slowly changing though

Source: Relief Magazine – Wearing Narrative

Surprised by the Feminine: A Rereading of C. S. Lewis and Gender with Monika Hilde (interview)

Monika Hilder’s insights on feminism and our chauvinistic culture have long intrigued us—she’s a respected educator, author, and speaker. Essentially, her argument boils down to this: our culture is biased toward characteristics typically associated with “masculine” behavior like self-assertion, conquest, and autonomy. She suggests that as long as we measure success by these flawed characteristics, we are buying into a chauvinistic mentality. …

Source: Fathom Magazine – Surprised by the Feminine: A Rereading of C. S. Lewis and Gender with Monika Hilde (interview)

Killing Relationships One Need at a Time

I’m a sucker for cartoons. Cartoons are kind of like fairy tales. In stepping away from the usual rules of “reality” they can help us see the world, and our part in it, more clearly.   Finding Dory is like that…
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The Problem of (Talking About) Pain

My friend died yesterday.   Grief sometimes has a way of wafting through the cracks of our chambers and lying in wait. A dark heaviness. A soundlessly creeping shroud that descends upon us and subdues our senses. An impenetrable presence…
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Sister Nature

“Oh yeah, Christians totally hate the environment. You didn’t know that?”   I overheard this statement after Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Part One was released in theaters, and it bothered me.   Tolkien’s rich, imaginative work, along with his beloved hobbits…
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Think Little

It’s a little bit passive-aggressive, I suppose, but I enjoy scandalizing my mom. My most recent attempt involved the statement, “I was reading an excellent Playboy article the other day…” When her bespectacled nose wrinkled up a bit, I continued…
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